I took these photos a little while ago but decided to save the post until it really felt like summer, and I guess today is that day! It's really lovely outside,school is pretty much over for me, and I leave for Toronto in 12 days...WHAT?! For those of you that don't know I am living in Toronto for the summer months and working at my sisters adorable little shop Tea With Gladys as a summer camp art instructor/ TEAcher. You can check out the cuteness at her website HERE.
Anyways here are some outfit photos. I stood in this lake about a month ago when it was still freezing cold just because I feel like such a mermaid while wearing this skirt!

I am planning on doing vlogs this summer and taking you all on my little summer journey with me!
Thanks to Abbey for the fantastic photos and be sure to check out her flickr!

xx Cassidy

Skirt- H&M
Bandeau- Aerie
Sunnies- XXI

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